Thursday, 12 September 2019
Image for Infinitize
Infinitize Infinitize
Image 27 for Infinitize


  1. 2-4 border images. 2 if the “SecondaryImages” option is turned off, 4 if it’s turned on. All the size has to be 300x300px.
  2. 2-8 additional links. Maximal 2 if the “RightBottomImages” option is turned off, Maximal 8 if it’s turned on.
  3. 400px posts.
  4. Second description box, for another description other than the main description or for updates list.
  5. Music Player, automatically on if you put a code to MusicPlayer text box.
  6. The colors are very customizeable.


Music Player Tab by fukuo



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