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Mort Aux Faces Mort Aux Faces
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  1. A slider with three slides. First slide contains icon, the blog title, an image, and the blog’s description. The second slide contains links and second description that can be used for Rules, Updates, Term of Use, or anything. The third slide contains 3 images and a link. Can be used for admins list or characters list. The without slider version only have the first slide contents.
  2. 15 additional links for with slider version, without slider only 4 additional links ^^
  3. 3 color options.
  4. Big sized posts. It’s responsive, the size will change according to your screen.
  5. Search box and social media links on the footer.
  6. Pace loading corner.


  1. Slider from codrops.
  2. Backgrounds from Subtle Patterns.
  3. Images used from Yukihiro Nakamura



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