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What's Your Name What's Your Name
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Alternate Look:

  • Posts option: one column (450px) and two columns (350px)
  • A sidebar for one columned posts (image width:280px and height between 600-800px) and a header for two columned posts (image size between 800x300px - 1000x500px to be safe)
  • Two Icons 75x75px, automatically resized.
  • 4 Additional Links
  • Fading Images Option
  • Customizeable colors and images.
  • Optimized for Google Chrome and for 1280x800px resolution and above.
  • Important: Only choose one between One Column or Two Column so the theme won’t mess up.
  • Important: Header only show up in two columns ver and sidebar only show up in one column ver.
  • Important: the description background is in rgba. Go to here to convert hex colors to rgba, decrease the opacity and put the code in description background text box. (for example, if your rgba code is rgba(255,255,255, .7) then .7 is the opacity).



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