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Image for Delight
Delight Delight
Image 48 for Delight


  1. 500px posts
  2. 8 Additional Links
  3. 400x250px sidebar Image
  4. Option for Infinite Scrolling
  5. Customizeable Colors
  6. Fish Widget (width:100px, height depends on your screen)
  7. Music Player (use billy mp3 player)
  8. Option for Right Sidebar, containing:
    • Updates Box (optional) - can be turned to another box
    • Description Box (optional) - description will show up on the sidebar image if right sidebar is disabled, if right sidebar is enabled it will show up on the right sidebar.
    • a third box you can use for widgets or anything (optional))
    • a search box


  1. Music Player by vitanica
  2. Search Box by lmthemes
  3. Background by cocorini
  4. Song: Delight by Yoo Jiae



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