Saturday, September 12 - 06:47 AM
Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell

theme features:

  1. 2 header images, adjust the size according to your screen size. the height is 50% of your screen height while the width is 100% of your screen width. if you just want to be safe, use 1600x800px.
  2. post sizes: 500px.
  3. 8 menu links (6 hidden under ‘navigate’)
  4. two description boxes, the one in the header and the one in the sidebar.
  5. social media icons (optional): instagram, youtube, twitter, deviantart, google+, facebook.
  6. two sidebar styles (choose only one!), sidebar style 1 contains: 
    1. a sidebar image (300x145px)
    2. music player (use any music player) (optional)
  7. sidebar style 2 contains:
    1. 8 sidebar links
    2. blogroll (optional)
    3. affiliates (only shows up if you fill the textbox).
    4. 3 other boxes that can be used for anything.

page features:

has the same features as the theme, only without the posts and the sidebar (header part only.)



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