Commission Commission


  • You will get a customized theme, I won’t publish the theme anywhere.
  • Payment via paypal for countries other than Indonesia, payment can be via BCA if you are from Indonesia.
  • Do not claim the theme as your own. If you do, I will ask you to take down the theme and I won’t refund you the payment.
  • You have to give me a rough sketch/mock up of the theme you wanted, also please explain in details on how you want your theme to look.
  • I won’t accept all offers, I will accept the offers that I know I can handle and within my skills.


  • Fill the form below and after you submit it, you will receive an email from me.
  • If your form is accepted, we will have a discussion about the theme and the price.
  • After we reach an agreement, you have to pay first.
  • After I receive the payment, I will send you a confirmation email and start to code the theme.
  • The theme will be finished between 3-8 days, depends on how busy I am at that time.
  • After the theme finished, I will send you the code through email.
  • You can ask me for changes (max 10 changes) and report to me if there is an error.

base price consists of posts (with pagination) and a sidebar or a header with image

  • Responsive design
  • Maximal consists of 6 to 8 pages, based on the design
  • Responsive design
  • Maximal consists of 6 to 8 pages, based on the design, static and dynamic pages combined.
  • Back end made using codeigniter, laravel, or wordpress


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