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I’m Ilma

I am born on November 95 and graduated in 2018 after 5 years of dealing with Math and Computer Science. Now, I am a web developer currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am into both Front-End and Back-End Development and currently trying to learn about UI/UX on my own. I dabble in writing and graphic design on my free time. I especially like building pretty things with CSS and HTML. I am currently employed at Fabelio as a full-stack developer and is accepting freelance works.

You can view my resume on my linkedin or you can download my resume here.

about this site

My old website was Hello Little Red, which i created to host my tumblr and forum themes. I decided to recreate the website and made it more personal, which is why the domain is now ilma.dev, which is simpler and more personal. This website is build using Vue.js and Nuxt.js!


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