About Me

Hello, Iā€™m Ilma

Was a math and computer science student. Now, I am a web developer currently based in Indonesia. I am into both Front-End and Back-End Development and am currently trying to learn about UI/UX. Having been interested in web development since high school, I started learning how to code on my own from online tutorials and started seriously diving in by building themes for blogs and forums to support my other interests. To further this interest, I decided to major in computer science and additionally applied mathematics, since then I have continued to learn deeper about web development and branch out to other computer science branches such as machine learning. I like learning new concepts and programming languages. I am also interested in UI/UX Development and Graphics Design.

You can view my complete profile on my linkedin.

Job Experiences

  • Freelance Web Developer - 2012-Now I build themes for free blogging/forum platforms such as Tumblr, JCink, or WordPress, and then branched out to develop websites for individuals and start-ups.

  • Frontend Developer - Grou - 2022-Now (Part-Time)

  • Front-end Developer - Stockbit - 2023-Now (Full Time)

  • Full-stack Developer - Fabelio - 2019-2022 (Full-Time)

  • Junior Developer - Binus University - 2016-2019 (Part-Time and then Full-Time)