• Basic Sidebars

    Published  at  06:47 AM
    Preview for Basic Sidebars

    Sidebars are used often in web design, especially for blogs. Creating sidebars are fairly easy, but it's always good to learn the basics of creating something, especially for those who have only started to learn how to code.

  • Random Background Images Script

    Published  at  06:47 AM
    Preview for Random Background Images Script

    This code is used if you want a different background every time you refresh your blog/theme.

  • Updates Tab

    Published  at  06:47 AM
    Preview for Updates Tab

    An update tab for tumblr (or anything, really).

  • Jadi, kamu ingin membuat .gif

    Published  at  12:00 AM
    Preview for Jadi, kamu ingin membuat .gif

    Tutorial untuk membuat GIF