Base Code

Published  at  06:47 AM

This code is made for people who wants to learn HTML/CSS, especially for making tumblr themes. You are allowed to played around with this code, edit it as much as you want! Make your own theme based on this! If you use this there is no need to credit me, but if you do credit me it would be very appreciated!

Through this code I think you can see how to:

  1. Make a theme with a header and a footer.
  2. style posts with tables.
  3. Make numbered pagination.
  4. Make the features in this code:
  5. 4 additional links
  6. 500px posts
  7. visible description, tags, reblog, and like button.
  8. 6 color options
  9. fading images

Feel free to ask if you have any question!

Terms of Use

  • Do not remove the credit completely or make them invisible, you may replace it to a visible place.
  • Do not steal the code or take parts of the codes and put them in your own theme, do not use them as base code too.
  • Do not redistribute my codes unless you have my permission, please just redirect people to this page OR reblog my posts about the codes.
  • Altering the code is allowed but keep the credit intact.
  • You may remove the credit only for base codes.