BBCode Live Editor

BBCode Live Editor

Netlify Status

Current Features

  • Live preview
  • Sync Scrolling
  • Several Themes: Clear Sky, Sunset, Dawn, Glutton
  • Changing editor and preview font and font size
  • Shortcuts
  • Can be installed as a PWA
  • Save as text file
  • Open txt and docx file
  • Save and sync on cloud


To run locally and enable cloud/firebase, add your own configuration on firebase.js. On your firebase project, create a database on firestore and create document named ‘documents’.

    apiKey: apiKey,
    authDomain: authDomain,
    projectId: projectId,
    storageBucket: storageBucket
    messagingSenderId: messagingSenderId,
    appId: appId

*   Inspired by [Marcdown](
*   Using javascript bbcode rendering from [qgustavor](


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