Mix and Match

Published  at  06:47 AM

Compability: Google Chrome (best viewed here), Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge Responsive: Yes Konten:

  • Halaman Depan - Header, 4 produk best seller, 4 produk new arrivals, koleksi, dan promosi
  • Daftar Produk dan Halaman Produk
  • Akun - Cart, Orders, dan Edit Profile
  • Blog/Lookbook
  • Promosi
  • Halaman Kustom: Login, Registrasi, Abous Us, Term of Use, Privacy Policy Mix & Mash adalah web template e-commerce yang dibuat untuk website-website fashion e-commerce. Web template ini sudah responsive dan dapat diakses melalui device-device dengan variasi ukuran layar yang berbeda. Menu yang dibuat mendukung untuk membuat mega-menu. Support this project on Behance.

Terms of Use

  • Do not remove the credit completely or make them invisible, you may replace it to a visible place.
  • Do not steal the code or take parts of the codes and put them in your own theme, do not use them as base code too.
  • Do not redistribute my codes unless you have my permission, please just redirect people to this page OR reblog my posts about the codes.
  • Altering the code is allowed but keep the credit intact.
  • You may remove the credit only for base codes.