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  • 12 Custom Links
  • 1 Status/Updates Box
  • 1 latest post sidebar box (get the latest post on a certain tag). Set the tag in β€œSidebar Tag” (example, if you want to get the newest post in your gifs, write gifs in the sidebar tag text box)
  • 3 custom sidebar boxes
  • 8 social media icons: you can add any social media as long as you can get the icon from socicon. in Socmed Type, write the name of the social media (ex: Twitter) and in Socmed URL, write the full link to your profile (ex: http://twitter.com/username)
  • 1 header, height must be 350px.
  • 540px posts

Note: sidebar will disappear on screen with the size less than 1150px.

Terms of Use

  • Do not remove the credit completely or make them invisible, you may replace it to a visible place.
  • Do not steal the code or take parts of the codes and put them in your own theme, do not use them as base code too.
  • Do not redistribute my codes unless you have my permission, please just redirect people to this page OR reblog my posts about the codes.
  • Altering the code is allowed but keep the credit intact.
  • You may remove the credit only for base codes.